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I have been a patient of Dr Currie for approximately three years and

have, recommended him to others as a highly skilled chiropractor.

Prior to attending the Hyndland Clinic I had suffered from a lack of mobility in my neck, pains down my arms/hands, headaches, general stiffness and lower back pain/stiffness – caused by several horse riding accidents when I was a teenager. I was diagnosed by a consultant with a fractured C1 in c.1999, and despite several courses of physiotherapy on the NHS was never able to resolve the decreasing mobility, headache or

pain issues. I subsequently tried a number of alternative medical practitioners and therapies including acupuncture, further physiotherapy and an osteopath - but none were effective.

I initially selected Ross’s clinic due to its proximity to my home and both the willingness, and optimism, of Dr Currie to treat my neck and back problems. Dr Currie has proven himself to be an excellent chiropractor, and despite my highly active lifestyle, Dr Currie ensures that I am mainly pain free and can continue with my active lifestyle! In addition, my job as a Senior Environmental Consultant, requires that I be fit and able to carry out field work (e.g. placing of groundwater pumps, taking samples). I rely heavily on

Dr Currie to allow me to continue to pursue the hobbies I enjoy so much, and to treat me on short notice to avoid minor injuries becoming more long term or chronic.

It is a relief to me to have found a skilled chiropractor to treat the injuries I have, and which most medical professionals are simply too nervous treat. That he has been successful proves his skill; however, he also explains clearly what the problem is and answers my questions so that I understand the problems.

Both my hobbies and work require me to be mobile and healthy, and without Dr Currie my quality of life and health would be heavily impacted – not to mention my ability to work in the profession I have trained in.

Sarah S. - Environmental Consultant

I came in to see Ross Currie with sever pains in my low back initially a few years ago. I had been to see many other practitioners before and had at best short term relief but this problem kept coming back. I was starting to feel like this wouldn't go away and it had started impacting my sport as well. I am a massive badminton enthusiast and I play regularly so it was very important to me that I found a solution to my problems. 

When I saw Ross I was a little skeptical but after being examined and diagnosed by Ross I felt more positive. 

It took around two weeks to be fully pain free but after four weeks I noticed that my game had improved significantly also. I am now a full Chiropractic convert and go in every month for my adjustments to keep me in good shape and playing at my best.

Allan C. - National Sales Manager

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