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6 Reasons To Visit Ayr Spinal Care

1. A Family Centred Approach

As a family man, Ross Currie made it the  focus to build a practice centred on a family-friendly atmosphere that is absent in most other health care clinics. When patients feel comfortable with the Chiropractor and clinic team, it helps to create a warm place where patients excel and are genuinely excited and enthusiastic to be there.

2. A Focus on Service

AYR SPINAL CARE is 100% committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. We want you to feel as good  you can, without any concerns of finances or timelines. We understand that there are various choices when looking for a Chiropractor in Ayr, Prestwick or Troon, so we aim to provide the highest quality service and have a strong focus on getting the best results.

3. Very Convenient Location In Ayr

Ayr Spinal Care is conveniently located in the centre of Ayr, just across from Ayr bus station on 84 Sandgate.


Car parking is very easy across the road or at Wellington Square round the corner.

4. We Care Deeply About Creating Genuine Wellness In Our Patients

Our clinic is unique in that we look to the root cause of problems and take a whole body holistic approach when treating our patients.


While you may not yet know how to get help and what the best course of action is, We are ready, willing, and able to help swiftly and accurately diagnose your symptoms and give guidance on a treatment plan that will restore your health and wellness, designed to help you achieve your own personal health and wellness goals.

5. The "Go To" Chiropractor When Nothing Else Seems To Help

We opened Ayr Spinal Care so that our family, friends and neighbours would get access to highly effective, natural and affordable health and wellness care.


As a family centred chiropractor, Ross Currie focuses on helping your whole family be happy and healthy so that you can spend your time doing what is most important in your life.

6. Attention And Focus On What Really Matters

Ross Currie focuses his expertise into the how the body’s structure affects its function and balance and how the brain communicates with the body.


When there is nerve interference in the body and communication is dimminished between the brain and the body all types of problems can show up as symptoms. Proper brain body communication is achieved through chiropractic adjustments delivered by an expert, modern diagnostic technology, and carefully considered care plan that involves Chiropractic care, rehabilitation, exercises and massage.

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