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What our clients are saying

Read what our valued clients are saying about Ayr Spinal Care.

“I like yoga, walking and gardening, but I noticed that the day after I'd done Physical exercise, my right hip was sore and my groin felt strained so that it was difficult to walk naturally. I'd often get tension headaches after physical exercise too and they were difficult to get rid of.
I didn't want to give up my hobbies or spend my life on medication, so that's why I came to Ayr Spinal Care.
The chiropractor took time to listen to me. She worked sensitively and with confidence. It seems to me the treatment is all about constantly checking the position of the spine and easing things back into place. There's always time to give feedback.
I noticed an improvement after the first three or four sessions. After twelve, my back is much more supple, I don't feel nearly so strained, and the headaches have almost disappeared. I'm back to enjoying my hobbies and I no longer worry that I'll suffer afterwards.
I'm sure that I'll continue to improve as I work with my chiropractor. Once we've achieved getting me back to my best working order, I aim to return for ,maintenance checks' for a strain-free life.
From my experience, I can thoroughly recommend Ayr Spinal Care.”

- Maria

“I had a second bout of severe back pain within 2 years. It was extremely painful and my mobility was severely impaired. In the past I have gone to the GP who prescribed pain-killers, anti-inflammatories, a gel and something to combat the effects of the anti-inflammatories on my stomach.
I wanted to get to the root of the problem and went to Ayr Spinal Care. Hazel examined me, fully explained what the problem was and what her approach would be to treating me.
Within a few sessions I could feel a big improvement in terms of pain and movement. Shortly after that I was back to normal at work, back to the gym and back cycling.
The practice is very friendly and focused on meeting your needs. I will use the practice in the future and take their advice as I certainly do not wish to repeat the bouts of back pain I have experienced in the past.”

- Gabriel

“After many years of shoulder, neck and back pain I thought enough is enough. I have had physiotherapy and various medication over the past five years and still have the same issues with my back. I decided to loose a bit of weight and change my diet yes it made me feel better but the pain did not go away.
I work in Occupational Therapy with NHS and was speaking to one of my colleagues who also suffered from back pain and told me she had benefited from visiting a Chiropractor Clinic. I researched online and found that although this is an alternative therapy it has given a lot of people great relief from pain.
I visited the Ayr Spinal Clinic and made an a appointment I was given an a initial assessment from Dr Karl Morling and straight away he identified the issues I was have and what could be the cause. I have had six sessions with Karl and the difference is quite remarkable. My range of movement in my neck is much improved and the shoulder pain is a lot better I no longer wake up at night with numbness in my arm or fingers. The issues with my back have not totally disappeared but are much better than they were at the start of my sessions with Karl. I have booked a further six sessions over the next three weeks and look forward to a pain free Christmas.”

- Mackenzie

My original complaint was pain in the lower back. I have had back pain off and on for a long time but it was becoming more crippling and there were times I couldn't move let alone walk.
My local GP advised me to try physiotherapy and offered my some high strength medication to ease the pain. The exercises I was given did nothing to ease my torture and I fell into the belief that I was destined to have a 'bad back'.
I happened upon an advert for Ayr Spinal Care and I thought I had nothing to lose and worse case they would confirm that I had a 'bad back'. At my initial consultation I was given an estimate of required treatment and timescale to get my back back on track.
What can I say the results were astounding. After my first week I could feel the improvements, I was no longer crippled in bed for hours, the movement in my neck improved, pains in my shoulders, pelvis and legs disappeared and my 'bad back' hasn't felt this good in a long long time. I'm doing more exercise now and I'm more educated on how to care for my back.
I can't thank Hazel and the team enough and look on their service as part of my regular check ups now.

- Sally