07 FEB

Sleeping is important for are our health as much as a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Sleep regenerates our immune system and energy and helps us process everything we experience during the day. However, it has happened to almost all of us that we wake up at night and cannot go to sleep, no matter how tired our body and mind are. Sleep deprivation causes fatigue, exhaustion and poor memory which affect our productivity, relationships and safety. It also increases chances of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Among over 100 different types of sleeping disorders, research has shown that insomnia and sleep apnea have been the most common conditions that people of all ages suffer from. Sleeplessness forces many sufferers to seek prescription pills and other over the counter sleep aids. However, this type of medication is not recommended to be taken for more than 4 weeks. If you need help longer, to get the same sleep induced result, as your body gets used to the pill, you need higher and higher doses which may cause addiction. This is why, if you are experiencing the symptoms of poor sleep, we recommend you to put down your pills and take more holistic approach. One of the most natural and healthiest ways of dealing with your sleeplessness is chiropractic care.

Many studies show that conditions such as curvature of the neck as well as neck trauma and neck kyphosis can block your airway, causing sleep disorders. A professional chiropractor will assess your sleeping complaints and examine your spine, reflexes and muscle strength. Chiropractic manipulation of your spine can clear up your energy blockages, increasing circulation to your muscles. It can also improve transmitting nerve impulses throughout your body and in that way improve your overall better function. Releasing the tension and pain in your body will help you relax naturally, enabling you to feel more comfortable and improving your quality of sleep and sleeping habits.

Furthermore, your chiropractor can also advise you on natural supplements, specific diets and exercise that can help you achieve deeper sleep at night. Taking into account the root of your problem, no matter if you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, a professional chiropractor will recommend you the best sleeping position as well as pillows and mattresses that you should use to treat your condition.

Visiting your chiropractor regularly can have positive impacts on your quality of sleep and overall health. However, even after the first visit, you will experience the benefits that will make you wonder why you waited so long! Forget about sleepless nights, pick up the phone and call your chiropractor.