09 MAR

The right chiropractor can definitely help you with your spinal issues, but don’t think that every chiropractor is the right person for your condition. So, if you chose to go for chiropractic in Ayr here are some tips how to find the right expert for your needs and get the most from your first visit.

The assessment of your spine will help a chiropractor diagnose your condition and determine which type of treatment is needed. Many chiropractors offer free assessments and consultations before treatments start, so ask the person who is booking your appointment if you can get a free initial assessment.

Chiropractic care is essentially a treatment for mechanical pain caused by neuro-musculoskeletal issues which usually include pinched or compressed nerves, neck, back or joint pain, etc. Although it can be used for some other conditions such as sleep deprivation, migraines and improving your wellbeing overall, do not assume that a chiropractor can help you with non musculoskeletal conditions such as, for instance, ear or throat infections. Don’t let be misled by someone who claims that offers alternatives to general conventional medical care.

Well qualified chiropractors have either post graduate degrees or special trainings for particular conditions and definitely there are some specially trained for your condition, so take your time and find the one educated to deal with your specific problem. However, no matter how much the chiropractor is trained for your condition, the amount of experience is also what really matters, so also take their experience into account.

Within a regular chiropractic treatment, there are many techniques that can be performed, from joint popping manipulation to low force methods. Also, some chiropractors use their hands only while some others prefer various instruments. Normally, a chiropractor will choose the method best suited to the condition of the patient; however, neither of them can be much better than the other. So, find out which methods the chiropractor uses and if you are more comfortable with a particular one, ask if your preference will be taken into account.

Depending on severity of your condition, chiropractors can employ different techniques which involve using instruments instead of manual spine manipulation. These techniques include Activator, Atlas, Graston techniques, a cold laser therapy, etc. In case they recommend you one of these, check if they have been trained for that specific technique.

Nobody can know in advance how long exactly your treatment should last, not even your chiropractor. So, be careful and think of finding another expert if your current chiropractor tells you an exact time line of your treatment as they can be more interested in making appointments then helping you.

Don’t be lazy, do a little extra work when choosing chiropractic in Ayr, Kilmarnock which can help you make the right choice.