08 MAY

Cervical pain or simply neck pain is one of the most frequent conditions that many people, no matter which age group they belong to, suffer from. It can happen to everyone, from office workers, students to older adults. The condition can be caused by numerous reasons, including uncomfortable positioning of the neck when sitting or sleeping, throat virus infections, neck injuries as results of playing sports, car accidents, riding and so on. 

Neck pain is commonly linked to dull, persistent aching. Turning the head and moving the neck can even make the aching worse. Other symptoms include numbness, tingling, sharp occasional pain or even sweeping sounds in the head caused by a compressed nerve in the neck. In most cases, pain disappears completely within days or weeks. If it, however, persists, there could be an underlying problem that should be dealt with immediately. 

The condition is most usually treated with physical therapy combined with home exercise and, in some cases, medication. However, research has shown that chiropractic treatments can lead to much better results as well as lower total costs. They are not useful in terms of pain relief only, but also in treating the underlying problem that causes pain. 

During your first visit to a chiropractor, you will go through a detailed examination to determine the real source of your pain. This will help your chiropractor make the right, individualised treatment plan for your condition.

A chiropractic technique known as manipulation of the cervical spine is used for treating different conditions that can have an effect on neck, upper back or shoulders. It is one of the most traditional adjustments where chiropractors use their hands to forcefully press joints while the body is in a specific position. Cervical spine mobilization is a less forceful chiropractic method which includes moving joints through a slow, endurable variety of motion. It increases pain while improving mobility. Neck pain treatments can also include massage, heat or cold application therapies, strengthening exercises, etc.

The combination of the treatments differs from one patient to another and mainly depends on patient’s response to the therapy. However, patient’s comfort and preferable choice are also taken into account. The treatment can last six to eight weeks and it is usually a permanent solution even for the most acute, painful issues. For the best results, it is vital that you strictly follow the instructions given by your chiropractor even if that includes modifying your lifestyle during the treatment.
If you are suffering from neck pain, let a chiropractor address the cause of your condition and help you get back to your normal lifestyle without pain for years to come.