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Many musculoskeletal problems that we are facing today, such as back and neck pain, headaches and others, have increased the need for quick solutions to underlying problems which cause these conditions. There are two types of treatments that we usually choose to go for. One is traditional medical care and as the alternative to this one - chiropractic care. Although both a medical doctor and professional in chiropractic in Ayr can provide you with beneficial services, let’s look at the pros and cons of each treatment and see which one is more effective and can help more.

Traditional medical care starts with a visit to your GP who will provide you with a referral to a specialist, such as a neurologist or orthopaedist and who will eventually prescribe either some medications or more invasive treatments such as surgeries or vaccinations. These treatments can be very beneficial in case of emergencies when immediate help is needed. However, the medication usually prescribed for treating pain can have many side effects. Less serious effects may include vomiting and dizziness whereas more serious ones include heart conditions, stroke, chronic physical fatigue and some other, more life threatening conditions. Furthermore, the drug will ease your pain, but will not solve the underlying cause of the problem. And once its effect is gone, the pain will come back and you will need some more medication which can result in addiction. As more permanent treatments to your condition, your doctor may recommend also surgery which can be expensive, invasive and painful and can also require months to recover. 

During your first visit to a professional in chiropractic in Ayr, some clinical examinations may be conducted, such as blood tests or MRI’s, only in order to diagnose your condition as accurately as possible. However, after establishing the diagnosis, by taking a completely holistic approach, your chiropractor will create an individualized treatment plan. These treatments include non invasive techniques, such as manual spine or joint adjustments which will not only temporarily improve your joint function and ease your pain, but also remove the underlying cause of your condition more permanently. While many conditions can be improved only after the first visit, this natural type of healing may take up several weeks to restore completely your normal function. Professionals in chiropractic in Ayr will not prescribe any medications to root out the cause of your problem. Instead, they will recommend exercises, diet, posture and some other lifestyle factors that will help your body to heal effectively, achieving your optimal wellbeing.

So, if you look for more enduring and healthier relief for your pain, then a professional in chiropractic in Ayr should be your first choice.