24 MAY

Back pain is always frustrating; however, for older people it can have very serious outcomes. A healthy and strong spine is essential for preventing falls that can cause impaired physical mobility and flexibility and affect person’s capability to live independently. Moreover, older people should be more careful when taking medication for treating back or any other pain as their body is not strong enough to handle drugs. Ageing makes it more difficult for the body to process medication needed for reducing pain.  On the other hand, chiropractic treatments offer a more holistic approach that can help with the underlying cause of pain excluding medication.

The ageing process cause changes in our whole body, including the spine that over time becomes less resistant to daily stresses and more prone to risks of injuries. Many people believe that these changes result in limitations on flexibility and overall lifestyle; however, with appropriate care, this doesn’t need to be true. Chiropractic care combined with appropriate exercise can improve every aspect of older individuals’ life and health.

As chiropractic has grown in popularity only relatively recently, many ageing patients are not familiar with the concept and show distrust and scepticism for treatments they may consider too experimental. In addition, those ones who know more about this holistic approach may fear that this type of treatments can hurt or harm them. However, chiropractic treatments are based on individual needs and current physical condition of the patient, so gentleness of adjustment techniques are tailored to these needs and in case of elderly patients they are gentler, least invasive, low-force movements. Prior to the treatment, a professional chiropractor will examine every patient in detail to identify any concerns so all fears can be put at rest.

For elderly patients, manual adjustments are not beneficial when it comes to pain relief only, but also enhancing flexibility by improving a range of motions in the neck, spine and other joints. Chiropractic care can address any subluxations which affect communication between the brain, tissues and other organs, ensuring proper function of the nervous system, immune system and overall health.

Apart from spinal manipulation, a good chiropractor will also recommend different stretching and resistance exercises which can be effective for improving core strength, posture and stability of an elderly patient. They will also advise about other healthy lifestyle habits, such as nutrition. Their main goal is not to reduce back pain only, but to improve their patients’ quality of life on a daily basis, including mobility and sleeping quality. No individual is too old to enjoy a life free of pain, that is why a professional chiropractor may be just what you need to get you back to life you deserve.