21 MAR

Chiropractic is an individual decision like any other type of health care. Many people who suffer from spinal problems prefer this natural option over pain medications, especially in case of back and neck pain. However, others choose this type of treatment as a preventive program combined with exercise and a healthy diet. No matter the reason, a very common question asked is: ‘How often should I go for chiropractic adjustments?’ Here, you can find the answers depending on a particular issue that can affect different patients.

Longer periods of continuous chiropractic care are recommended for people who suffer from severe injuries and chronic pain. Chronic conditions are followed by pain which last for more than 3 months, and these include arthritis, chronic neck or back pain which most commonly occur among working population, etc. Apart from being followed by unbearable pain, these conditions may result in temporary or more permanent disability. In these cases, during the first visit, a chiropractor develops an individualised treatment plan right for your condition. It is normally recommended that you receive your treatments up to 3 times a week for at least 3 to 4 weeks. An extended period of time is needed for the body to recover its balance and start natural healing process. After the initial healing period, your condition will be evaluated to determine the treatment progress and whether prolonged adjustments are required.

For people who do not suffer from chronic conditions, but still feel neck or back pain on a regular basis, or for those who experienced minor injuries, chiropractic care can bring some comfort and accelerate the healing process. Realigning the spine up to three times within a short period of time can stimulate the nervous system to function more correctly which can further encourage more effective healing.

Apart from chronic and acute pain conditions, chiropractic is used as a preventive measure from illnesses and injuries. Chiropractic care on a regular basis can help patients to stay healthy and enhance their quality of life and its frequency may vary depending on each patient. Some patients will feel better after the first adjustment and need treatments once a month while some others feel benefits from care received once a week or every second week.

As can be seen from above, chiropractic care requires a highly customized approach. Although, according the statistics, an average patient without complex conditions feels up to 80% less pain after only 4 weeks of treatment, a chiropractor is the person who can help you with your decision how often and how long your visits should take place.