09 APR

Many people who suffer from lower back pain will seek help from a chiropractor as chiropractic care is proved to be one of the most effective methods for treating conditions which cause this discomfort. Here you will find a short explanation of what chiropractors can do to help their patients to resolve these issues. So, if you have a problem with lower back or lumbar herniated disc, check here how you can benefit from visiting a chiropractor in Ayr.

Treatments start with a precise diagnosis of your pain which should include a consultation, medical history and physical examination. You should briefly explain your chiropractor how long and frequent your symptoms are, their type, areas of pain and what makes the pain feel better or worse. Your medical history will help the chiropractor easier determine the nature of your lower back pain, so you need to provide him with the information related to your ongoing medical conditions, medications you are currently using, history of other treatments, dietary regime, etc. Your family and occupational history can be also helpful. During a physical examination, the chiropractor can use different methods to identify the areas of your back that require treatments and these include: palpation techniques and X-ray, CT scan or MRI in some more difficult cases.

After a thorough examination, the chiropractor in Ayr will be able to create an appropriate treatment plan based on the degree of your symptoms severity and other information provided by you. He/she will tailor his/her method approach in accordance with your personal needs. The treatment should start with some natural, less invasive techniques and, if needed, move to more aggressive ones. Treatments of acute or subacute symptoms (lasting up to 12 weeks) normally include 3 to 4 weekly sessions over the course of up to 4 weeks. Chronic lower back pain will require more intensive manipulative therapies followed by techniques for improving spinal maintenance and this process can last longer.

During every stage of the process, chiropractors should inform you what exactly is going to happen. You should understand your diagnosis and different chiropractic techniques that can be utilized for solving your problem. Particularly, you should be informed about possible risks of injuries that certain methods could cause, so you can choose whether you should or not proceed with it. Only when you give direct approval, the treatment should start.

The treatment should not only prevent your lower back from hurting, but also help in maintaining a proper posture and your spine alignment. Once you start feeling better, after the treatment, your chiropractor will advise you about exercises that will help increase your functional capacity.