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Migraines, although not life threatening problems, are one of the most frustrating issues due to severe and debilitating pain they cause. They usually start before the age of 30, hitting women more than men. Research has shown that migraines are genetic, but the underlying cause of it is still not completely clear. This is why many people who suffer from it endure the pain until the condition is over, using medications which can reduce its symptoms. Drugs can gradually diminish the pain, but cannot correct the main cause of migraines. Moreover, they can lead to severe side effects such as liver or kidney damages.

Studies show that migraines, as well as other types of headaches, could be a frequent condition in people who suffer from chiropractic problems. Poor posture and misalignment of spinal bones affect muscles, nerves and the entire blood supply to the head. Misaligned spinal joints that cannot move well, irritating nerves, (known as spinal subluxations) are considered to be one of the main underlying causes of the most severe headaches. Irritated and inflamed nerves result in unbearable pain where, sometimes, not even medication can help.

Severe pain caused by migraines can be relieved when spinal misalignment is corrected. A professional chiropractor in Kilmarnock, Ayr will examine your spine thoroughly, its ability to bend and turn and find any spinal curvature disorder that can cause or intensify your migraine. Applying a controlled, sudden force to your spine will restore your body function, boost circulation and mitigate your nerve irritation. 

In some cases, even the first chiropractic adjustment can provide immediate pain relief. For some patients, it takes several weeks or more to reduce the symptoms. Every case is individual and may require a special treatment, depending on the frequency and type of a headache. A study conducted over a two year period has shown that regular chiropractic care had ceased the common migraine symptoms in over 60% of the examined migraine victims. 

Besides spinal manipulation, your chiropractor in Kilmarnock, Ayr can recommend you healthier lifestyles that can help you reduce chances of getting or triggering a migraine or some more serious health conditions. They can advise you about certain foods, exercises and habits which can mitigate stress, anxiety and migraines. And, once you start feeling better, do not stop with regular visits to your chiropractor. It takes time for your spine to recover and repeated visits will heal and strengthen your joints and muscles, not only helping you against your migraine, but also with achieving your overall wellbeing.