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There are many reasons that can cause leg pain and many ways how it is manifested. Your leg may hurt when you walk on it or you may often experience a leg cramp. Also, restless leg syndrome is a quite common condition which occurs in 10% population, mainly in men, though women can also suffer from it. Pain is most commonly described as burning, aching or throbbing and usually occurs when a person is resting. If you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions, the most important thing is to find the underlying reason for it and right treatment to relieve pain and other symptoms. In more severe cases, such as more chronic hip or knee pain, you may require surgery which involves seeing an orthopaedic doctor. However, this should not be your first choice. Proper chiropractic care can help you postpone the need for surgery and the earlier you are treated, the more likely is that surgery won’t be needed.

Many conditions which result in leg pain are, in most cases, caused by physical activities or injuries. Also, leg pain can be related to a wide range of issues with different body parts, including muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels or ligaments. For example, lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition where the lumbar spinal channel is narrowed and can result in leg pain as a side effect. To identify the actual source of your problem, chiropractic treatment begins with a detailed examination including a health history, physical exam of your spine, hip joint, knee, ankle and foot. Your chiropractor will develop an individualized chiropractic treatment plan in accordance with the results.

In most cases, chiropractic care will include gentle adjustments to the affected part of your leg as well as spinal joints to encourage optimal functioning and movements. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to lessen possible inflammation, stop muscle spasms and strengthen your weaken muscles which will reduce pain and minimise other symptoms. In case of lumbar spinal stenosis, the spine is adjusted to relieve nerve pressure, reducing leg pain. Also, as restless leg syndrome is a result of a dysfunction of the nervous system, chiropractic care can help by reducing irritation in the affected nerves which will relax muscles and allow right nerve flow, treating the condition effectively. Along with adjustments, a qualified chiropractor can also introduce you to stretching and strengthening exercises, a healthier diet and even more appropriate footwear to aid to your fast recovery and overall wellness.

So, in case of persisting leg pain, make sure you schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor who will help you to get better as quickly as possible.