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Our life nowadays doesn’t really make it easy on us. Everything seems to move so fast that many people can hardly cope with stress that comes with it. Many of us cannot control the direction our lives take which can cause many problems related to our mental health. Anxiety and depression have become common problems faced by people from different generations every day. Anxiety only affects over 2.3 million people in Australia which is nearly a tenth of its population.

Anxiety can appear very early, even in childhood and can be caused by genetics or triggered by some environmental factors such as traumatic events, personal relationships, school, jobs or financial problems.  Also, the side effects of some medications and stress coming with the serious medical condition can lead to this common metal disorder.

Anxiety can be described as the feeling of worry as a reaction to stressful situations in our lives. However, people who suffer from generalised anxiety disorder can feel very nervous or worried even in cases where there is no reason for that. Panic attacks as well as obsessive compulsory disorders are also common anxiety related issues. All these conditions are associated with the feelings of agitations, unmanageable fear and hopelessness.

Besides worries, anxiety related disorders can be followed by certain physical symptoms such as tension in muscles, frequent urination, headaches and neck and back pain. Irritable bowel syndrome, for instance, is a digestive condition closely linked to anxiety and sometimes depression which shows that these mental disorders are not purely psychological and that there is a strong connection between our minds and bodies. This is why, in order to find relief, both mind and body should be treated.

Although the most typical treatment of mental disorders is medication, if your anxiety is followed by any of the above mentioned physical conditions, the good news is that chiropractic adjustments also can be an effective way to deal with it. Headaches, back and neck pain that come with anxiety can be the result of a misaligned spine which puts additional pressure on your nerves and blood vessels. By applying spinal manipulative therapy and cranial adjusting, a chiropractor will reduce stress in your spine and other body parts which will have a positive effect on your stress hormones. It has been proven that after a few months of chiropractic care, anxiety followed by panic attacks can significantly decrease which also can minimise need for anxiety medications that can be dangerous to your health.

Chiropractic care, though primarily focuses on the nervous system, ensures the health and wellness of the whole body. Side benefits of pursuing your spinal health definitely include reduction in anxiety, depression and similar mental disorders.