09 AUG

When you think about visiting a chiropractor, the prime reason that comes to your mind is probably neck, back or joint pain. But, have you ever thought of weight loss? Actually, the main benefits of the adjustment will eventually help you achieve a healthy weight – it is proved that a healthier body burns a lot more calories. Also, chiropractic treatments eliminate the need for pain medications which can potentially make you gain weight. Without having pain or stress, people take care more of their bodies and that includes a healthier diet.

Chronic pain in our back and neck affects our sleeping patterns and makes us less flexible, limiting our physical activity. A misaligned spine that causes back and neck pain disrupts communication of spinal nerves that, additionally, control our hunger. This is why, when our body hurts, to gain more comfort, many us will turn to food, especially junk food. Also, we tend to walk and exercise less and sit more for hours putting a lot of additional stress on our spine. On the other hand, the excess weight affects every organ in our body and can actually cause back or neck pain due to strained back muscles and ligaments which makes it harder to achieve and maintain a good posture.  No matter which issue comes first, there is no doubt that weight gain and back pain are closely linked. To regain proper posture, doctors will advise you to lose weight.

By taking a holistic approach, chiropractors will help your body heal itself, making it better from the inside and reducing the chances of developing more health problems. They will check your spine for any misalignments that can prevent a normal function of your central nervous system which can greatly affect communication between your brain and body and slow down your metabolism, allowing weight gain over time. Manipulative manipulation techniques are used to recover your normal spinal alignment, improving the communication between the brain and body as well as metabolic functions. This will also improve communication between your spinal nerves which will, among other things, improve control over your hunger. Your pain will gradually be eliminated, enabling you to be more active in general, so you can also go back to your exercise and burn more calories. Chiropractors can make personalized programs for your amount of work out and diet based on your individual needs, and, as a typical result, you will be able to achieve your healthy weight.

Chiropractic treatments not only eliminate pain and enhance your body’s functions, but also guide you to choose healthier lifestyle options for optimal outcomes and that is your healthy and happy future.